Move Player 11. 1-Advanced media participant packed with features

Zoom Player Free is a slick player of online multimedia content for Windows Personal computers. This free version of Zoom Player is fully functional but some from the features are limited to the expert version.

Easy to use but lots of features if you need them

In a market that’s saturated with media players, Zoom Player attempts to be two players in one – a no fuss easy one and an advanced one along with just about every imaginable tweaking and customization option. It’s a unique offering and chances are that if you’ve found your current gamer lacking in some department, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Zoom Player. In case you just want a bare bones media player, then you may be better opting for something similar to VLC Media Player but Move Player lets you have your dessert and eat it if you need something with a little more to offer.

Some features limited to pro version

The basic version of Zoom Player comes set up with a graphic equalizer, playlist editor and everything else that you’d expect in a basic player. Zoom Player’s professional version however comes with a good deal more power, including a more powerful Playlist Manager, added safety features (such because password protection), Media Definitions in addition Web Remote (so you can manage Zoom Player from your web browser) and an Extended command line user interface, exposing many Zoom Player features directly from the command line. Lastly, the professional version also facilitates playback of DRM protected movies and music (Windows Media DRM).

Focus Player’s interface is slimline yet expandable very easily. By clicking on the particular circle of dots in the bottom right hand corner however , you reveal a top bar within the major screen which is packed with features. The symbols used in the menu usually are particularly helpful as they look like hieroglyphs so your only option is to workout what each one does by learning from mistakes. These advanced features include a station manager (for streaming radio plus TV channels), skin changer plus media library editor.

Indeed, the amount of options in Focus Player available will intimidate anyone who just wants a playback software. It takes quite a while to understand what all the audio options offer, for example , although there is an extensive list of help documents that comes bundled with the installation to help you. This is probably the biggest irritation of Zoom Player: the innovative options seem extremely “spread-out” and it’s really rather overwhelming to get to grips along with where they all, let alone what they do.

Instantly downloads codecs

On the plus side, one particularly useful feature of Zoom Participant is that if you don’t have the correct codec installed, it will tell you the exact one you require without the need for a third party inspection device. Playback is smooth, files are usually loaded quickly and the playlist supports ID3 tags. You can also easily alter skins through the skins editor plus you can download more from the programmer site.

Excellent two-in-one player

Zoom Player is two players in one – a basic player that will serves you well and an advanced player that offers a lot of options you probably never need but will no doubt appeal to power users.

Down load Zoom Player 11. 1 in Softonic

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