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Zoner Photo Studio Totally free is a simple image editor and manager. If you’re searching for a quick way to change contrast, eliminate red eye etc, this is a nice solution.

What’s inside?

There are three main components to Zoner Photo Studio, the Manager and the Editor. The Supervisor lets you find and organize the particular images on your PC, the Viewer allows you to view them, while the editor allows you to make simple changes to your pictures.

The viewer is attractive, but nothing special, but the manager is good. The interface is simple enough, using a folder tree, browser and info panel. You can email images through Zoner Photo Studio, and apply filters to make finding them simpler. There isn’t anything revolutionary about the Manager, but it does its job.

Image Editing

The particular Editor is better, offering a range of useful tools that will allow you to improve or even alter photos you’ve taken. Not necessarily as powerful as Photoshop, but it’s much easier to use, and has the tools that most amateur or casual photographers will need. Zoner Photo Studio includes a ‘quick fix’, which basically the actual image a bit stronger, and you can furthermore play around with the color, levels and resize as well. There’s a reddish colored eye removing device that works well, as well as more subtle things like a clone stamp tool. In this free version, it’s really only the lack of proper layer tools that are missing.

Zoner Photo Studio is a good option for fundamental photo retouching and editing, and it has enough tools for most users.

Download Zoner Photo Studio Free Zoner Photo Studio 18 Free in Softonic

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