XnView 2 . 33-Manage multimedia files and all possible image formats

XnView is a free file explorer intended for viewing and converting a wide variety of image files.

With its built-in preview engine, XnView can display four hundred different image file formats and also play various media formats like AVI or MP3. Using the system will already be second character to most users, as it works exactly like Windows Explorer. On the left part of the screen you see all your web directories, with the contents of the directories shown in the upper half of the right home window. Selecting any of these files will then bring up a preview in the lower half the window.

If you are browsing through photos with XnView, you can run them as a slideshow or full screen . If you’re browsing through simple TXT or INI files, the opening couple of lines of text will appear as an icon and you can view the whole contents of the file in XnView, without needing to open other programs.

XnView has a good level of support for different formats and the user interface is smooth and quick, even when displaying large video files. On experiencing a file that it doesn’t recognize, XnView displays its hash value , which may or might not be of use. If you run into any trouble, there is a help file that is adequate but not overwhelming.

One aspect of XnView that wasn’t quite as we would have liked was that it didn’t recognize the native format of files. For example , a simple textual content file with a LOG extension was not treated as the same file with a TXT extension. It’s a small hassle but does stand out because of the common high quality of the software.

For anyone with a large number of documents that they want to organize, convert or simply browse, XnView is certainly worth a look.

Download XnView 2 . 33 in Softonic

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