XCOM 2-An essential sequel for strategy fans

XCOM 2 is a huge sequel . Its nevertheless a turn-based strategy game, you may still find aliens, you still have to deal a vastly superior force, and a completely chance to hit can still miss. Yet while nothing has changed, everything differs.

Welcome to the opposition

The storyplot of XCOM 2 takes place 20 years after the events of the first game . Earth continues to be completely overrun by the alien intruders, causing the World’s leaders to surrender and live beside them in a constructed peace. Now XCOM is a resistance group, and it plans to show the world the truth.

To free the world from the alien menace, it is necessary to once again consider command of XCOM . Jumping into XCOM 2’s first missions, which doubles as a tutorial, you’re are treated to the game’s background and the basics of combat to organize you for the battles ahead.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown provided excellent turn-based gameplay, and XCOM 2 only refines and boosts on this while keeping its core essence. As in the first game, you can find two distinct elements of play: base management and fight missions .

Among the bigger changes to the base management in XCOM 2 is that, instead of acting from an underground army facility, you now operate out of a hijacked alien deliver known as the Avenger . A tedious aspect of XCOM: Enemy Unknown has been managing radars across the world – but this is a problem the Avenger completely removes. Soldiers and resource administration is also more efficient.

One more striking change is the variety of soldiers . This effects both combat and management, due to the fact where as previously you only had to handle four unit types and their skills, there are now many more – all of whom must be upgraded, trained, plus managed in mission. Thus, your options in combat are far higher.

XCOM 2 looks stunning, but at a price

In mission, the turn-based combat still reigns best. The changes made by the programmer, Firaxis, are subtle but effective. Turn limits change the pace of combat, new scenarios inject variety, cover can be destroyed, and there is a greater variety of foes all with improved AI .

Through all these adjustments, the best elements of the original XCOM remain, such as the cover system and selection of skills. All of which will be good news to strategy fans. As in the first sport, the difficulty gradually increases as you progress – ensuring that emerging unscathed from a past due game mission with all your troops intact will be a feat reserved for the best commanders.

X-Com 2 looks far better than its predecessor . While the style of the characters and scenarios remain comparable, the level of detail, animation, and conditions look far superior. Obviously, the particular improved visuals requirement higher system requirements . You are able to play on mid-range computers, however, you will need something a bit beefier to get the most form it.

As for the audio this remains basically unchanged , with the same meaty sounds in battle and only slight variation on the primary music to add some drama.

XCOM returns reinvigorated

XCOM 2 is a great sequel that improves the franchises gameplay without harming its importance. While the technical demands are frustrating, this can be easily forgiven to enjoy this brilliant strategy game that is a must for every fan of the genre.

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