WebSite X5 Evolution Evolution 12-Design and publish your website – no code required

WebSite X5 is a website design program that helps users develop and upload a website without any understanding of HTML, CSS, or any other programming languages.

WebSite X5 greets you with a very pleasing, simple-to-use interface . From the main page you can click on a link to watch video tutorials on how to use the plan. They provide great examples and breaks down each of WebSite X5’s features.

You start by choosing a design template for your website. While the WebSite X5 demo only includes 10 themes, the full edition has over 1, 000 themes. If you don’t fancy any of the templates, you can design a template with your own images.

Site X5 provides an simple interface to generate a sitemap. You create new files and can drag and drop different pages into each folder to make nests and menus. You can go back and change the menus and sitemap whenever you want. Website X5 includes a live preview that makes it simple to see how your own changes affect the look and feel of the web site.

The next step that Site X5 walks you though is certainly creating different pages. By default, pages are divided into a grid associated with four spaces. You can add or remove the spaces as you like. You then modify the page by dragging different functions into the grid. For example , you are able to drag the text function into the grid and double click it in order to type (or copy and paste) text. There are many different functions such as a photo gallery, email form, and table.

At this point, you’re pretty much carried out. WebSite X5 has a section intended for advanced tweaks that you can perform on your program. One of the most welcome features of the program is usually e-commerce integration. You can build a store and integrate PayPal as a payment system.

WebSite X5 is an all-inclusive application that moves you through each step of creating your own website.

Down load WebSite X5 Evolution Evolution 12 in Softonic

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