WavePad Audio Editing Software 6. 11-Excellent free sound editor

Wavepad is a feature-rich, free sound editor for Windows. You can record from audio inputs, like a mic or a record player, or import and edit sound files.

Easy to use and flexible

The range associated with options in WavePad is impressive. You can add effects, fades, split paths, merge tracks, and much more. Performing all these tasks is easy, and easy to undo if you make a mistake. It’s certainly user-friendly, and the fact you can import more or less any sound file format makes it extremely accessible for anyone (there’s no need to fool around with file conversion).

Not quite an Audacity beater

As well as adding from your hard drive, you can also import directly from CD, and there’s a tool in order to burn whatever you want. There is a develop generator, and even a text in order to speech generator, so you can express yourself using a robotic voice.

There are tabs at the bottom of the edit windows for you to move easily between open files, a zoom tool so it’s easy to highlight exactly the part you desire when editing, and the highlighting alone is really intuitive, allowing you to apply results with precision.

Overall. Wavepad is a great alternative to Audacity , the open source standard for sound file editing. However , of the two apps, Spirit still wins in terms of flexibility and also you get all of its features at no cost (some of Wavepad’s options are just available in paid editions of the program).

A great free way to edit sound files

For anyone that desires to mess around with sound files — WavePad is an excellent, lightweight program to use.

Down load WavePad Audio Editing Software six. 11 in Softonic

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