WALTR 2-Manage your iPhone like Magic with Waltr 2

As great as modern smartphones and tablets are they nevertheless need a fair bit of management. They can play music display photos and examine all your files but you still need to transfer those files which often indicates connecting by cable. Hardly futuristic. Yet software exists to do this wirelessly with Waltr 2 standing away as an almost magical way to try this effortlessly. With a free trial this software program can make managing your device quite simple.

Easy Transfer

Waltr 2 describes itself as amazing effortless and magical. This may seem a bit a lot but in fairness they do a great job of making transfers as easy as possible. With an creative approach to the design it looks excellent and feels like a definitive improvement. The second it opens it looks for nearby devices finding any Wi fi iOS device in moments. You can just drag and drop any file you want to transfer at up to 5mb/s without having to fiddle with settings. This even supports old pre-iOS Apple company products. Books and music are supported and it recognises what you? re watching and listening to giving you all the title and artist information.

Smart and Seamless

Waltr 2 is a very impressive program which really provides value to your iOS device. It supports all the latest files converts subtitles and more. On the downside you decide to do have to pay for the full features. Consider how much you would use it.

Download WALTR two in Softonic

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