Voila 3. 8. 3 (ONLY INTENDED FOR MAC)-Superb screen capture tool

Voila is a slick screenshot device with a powerful ability to capture just about anything on your screen. Its slick user interface has been considerably improved in current versions, with features added for example blurring, iSight integration, Flickr assistance and screencast editing.

Voila can capture any form, such as Circular, Polygonal, Triangular, or Freehand objects. You’ve also obtained standard capture tool options, for example Menu Capture, Fullscreen Capture, Object Capture, Rectangular Capture and a Timed Capture as well. A lot of effort has gone straight into integrating Voila with other image programs and sites and so you can send out and open files from iPhoto and Flickr . Voila is also integrated with Mail if you want to send your screen holds immediately.

Voila functions all the standard options you expect from the screen capture tool, including observation tools that allow you to add text, arrows, lines, crop and even add watermarks. There are a few filters too, including blurry, torn and framed edges. Conveying from Voila can be done to PNG, JPEG, TIFF, PDF FILE, GIF and BMP formats.

The overall accessibility associated with Voila is what impresses the most. Readily available from either the menu club or Dock, your hand never needs to leave the mouse to disclose it. Added to the fact that recent records are easily visible along the bottom of the interface, you’re never left searching your hard drive for captures.

The most recent useful addition to Voila is the ability to cut screencasts using QuickTime. The editing features could perform with a little extending but it’s adequate for basic cutting.

If you’ve got a steady hand, Voila allows you to grab objects that would otherwise be limited to the square or rigid capture parameters of most common screen capture apps. An excellent display screen capture application that’s come a long way very quickly.

Download Voila 3. 8. 3 (ONLY INTENDED FOR MAC) in Softonic

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