Vivaldi Technical Preview 3-A web browser to suit you

Vivaldi is a clean and easy to use browser. Out of your first moments with it, you will be amazed by its extreme and easy to access customization options. These make it perfect for all kinds of users, from the most basic to the most advanced.

Renovated classic

Vivaldi is a web browser that proves easy to use if you are familiar with other popular browsers , like Firefox or Chrome . The basic view shows you the navigation bar, tabs, and the main display screen.

As in other browsers, Vivaldi has a Swiftness Dial panel that will appears when you open a new tabs, letting you easily select your favorite internet sites.

Another useful choice is the sidebar , a menu reminiscent Opera (in reality its former CEO is the inventor of Vivaldi) but with additional interesting functions. Here, the classic Favorites and Downloads options are became a member of by very practical as Notes.

Notes is very useful when you want some info to hand during your browsing session. This saves you opening another app, preserving memory usage and faff.

Another notable option can be its Web Sections , which allow you to view web pages as a panel outside the browser. This really is useful if, for example , you are browsing and want to have a small panel to chat on Facebook.

And if you still want more, then you can always install Chrome extensions .

In terms of its configuration options, Vivaldi simplifies the menus. Like the rest of the application everything here is simple, including privacy setting : a quick sweep and you can delete cookies or saved passwords.

Intuitively, clean, and 100% configurable

But if there is one thing that makes Vivaldi stand above the other browsers on the market, it is its high degree of customization .

As you can see, Vivaldi is a browser where things are where you expect them to be – ensuring everything close at hand. But , if you are not certain, give it a go.

Vivaldi is intended for users who surf a great deal, and so has taken special care in its tab options . While you can keep them at the top (like you may see in other browsers), you can also put them to the side, bottom, and even collection them to your liking.

This option also lets you group different tabs in the same space . This is useful, for instance , if you are doing a job and have various sources of information open: you put all of them together and pass from one to another more easily.

Vivaldi customization includes keyboard cutting corners . The program allows you to configure cutting corners for any option you want and also allows a navigation system in which you do not need the particular mouse.

One aspect that does not affect navigation, but that is extremely curious, is the adaptive interface. This causes the active tab and the routing bar to “catch” the main color of the active page. It is purely ornamental (and optional), but an interesting option for those who find Vivaldi’s lack of customizable skins off-putting.

Its high degree of customization means that this can be slower than desired if you have plenty of tabs open – but tend not to doubt the developer’s dedication; this particular technical preview has been, and will continue to be, iterated on.

A new browser and a long way to go

Vivaldi includes simplicity and fashion to create a basic, but highly customizable, interface that provides everything a hardcore internet user could need. That is why it is ideal for everyone. While you might be comfortable with your current browser all of us recommend trying this, it may shock you.

Turns out there is certainly life beyond Opera or Chrome !

Download Vivaldi Technical Preview 3 in Softonic

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