Vivaldi (Technical Preview 3) 1 . 0. 435. 40-Fast browser for people who love to keep things simple

Vivaldi is a new, simple and straightforward browser . It’s not complicated and can’t be customized to a great extent, but you may not need all that to browse your favorite sites at maximum speed?

A new take on the classic

Vivaldi is a web browser that you can use with ease if you are already familiar with classic internet browsers , like Opera or Chrome .

The basic view has a search club, tabs and a primary screen . When you write some thing in the address bar, you will automatically be directed to Google, although you can change this to your favorite search engine by going to options.

Like with other browsers, Vivaldi depends on Speed Dial, a panel that will appears when you open a new tabs, which lets you select from your favorite websites .

Vivaldi’s strongest asset is undoubtedly its sidebar, a menu that looks a bit like Opera (this is no coincidence, since its previous CEO created Vivaldi) although it does have very interesting additional functions. As well as your classic Favorites and Downloads , you have Contacts , Notes and E-mail .

Notes are extremely useful when you want to jot some thing down and have it to hand should you be going to need it during your browsing program. This means you don’t have to open another application which would only take up memory and space in your task bar.

Contacts allow you to make a list of contacts within your browser. This option doesn’t make much sense if we take into account the fact that we have been already inundated with diaries (Gmail, Outlook, Whatsapp… ) but this will take on greater significance when you switch on the other option from this menu within Vivaldi: Email .

Essentially, the aim is perfect for Vivaldi to become your next email company, and the application already has capacity reserved for this purpose. We are waiting to test this out in upcoming up-dates.

In terms of configuration options, Vivaldi has simplified menus. Like the rest of the application, everything is very simple, including privacy settings: you can delete cookies or saved security passwords in one fell swoop. Having said that, the option for private searching is currently not available, but I suppose it will be in future versions from the application.

Intuitive, simple and attractive

As you can see, things are exactly where you anticipate them to be with Vivaldi, and everything is to hand.

Even when a lot of tabs are open, browsing is very quick, and you don’t have to wait long to for it to recognize the page you want to visit.

This speed could be down to the lack of additional options, like plug-ins and add-ons . Although these functions are very useful for browsers these days, they can also be a hindrance if what you’re after is fast browsing.

In terms of its appearance, Vivaldi comes after the current style of plain, simple and modest designs when it comes to aesthetics. Forget accessory bars or additional buttons , you only have what you need.

Now, regardless of its lightweight design, Vivaldi has an interesting option : the active tab and also the search bar turn the same color as the main color on the active page. This is a purely decorative (and optional) choice but may be appealing to people who miss being able to customize skins within this browser.

A basic browser

Vivaldi was only recently created. Therefore , it makes sense that it only has the most basic options, doing without having more advanced functions like the installation of components. I think more options will be additional in the future to make the browsing experience because complete as possible.

In any case, if Vivaldi decides to only stay with basic requirements , it could become many users’ favored browser. It is no surprise that many individuals just need browsers for visiting their top sites. For these people, Vivaldi is a very sound choice.

Download Vivaldi (Technical Preview 3) 1 . 0. 435. 40 in Softonic

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