VirtualBox 4. 3. 8-Run Windows and OS X at the same time

VirtualBox is a free alternative to visualization software such as Parallels and VMWare. Although it may not be as polished, its generally an excellent free means to fix what can be an expensive problem.

VirtualBox allows you to install an alternative operating system on your Mac such as Windows, Linux, Solaris and just about any OS you can think of. VirtualBox is considerably lighter than more well known deals such as Parallels and setting up a new OS is very simple and straightforward. VirtualBox manuals you through the whole process step by step.

Integration with your indigenous environment is straightforward although not as clever as Parallels. VirtualBox allows you to specify ‘shared folders’, which can then become accessed from within the operating system if you’re running in VirtualBox. However , you have to install a “Guest” add-on first (which just takes a few seconds) and it’s not made very clear how you actually access the shared folders once you’ve fixed them up. There is no drag-and-drop functionality from your native desktop into VirtualBox but considering it’s free, you actually can’t complain.

When it comes to USB devices, VirtualBox automatically picks up new ones and asks you if you wish to use them. Internet connections should function instantly after installation as VirtualBox automatically configures it for net access.

If you do not want to pay for Parallels or VMWare, and only need a virtual environment regarding ocassional use, VirtualBox is an excellent answer.

Download VirtualBox 4. 3. 8 in Softonic

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