Video clip DownloadHelper 4. 9. 22-Download movies directly into Firefox

Video DownloadHelper is a Firefox add-on that allows you to download videos directly from your own browser .

Video clip DownloadHelper installs discretely – in fact , the only time you’ll see it is once you look under the Tools menu, or browse a site with video. In order to you see the little icon – generally in the top left corner – clicking downloads the video directly. On the other hand, click on the little triangle, and pick from other options, such as Copy URL, Transform file or Download as hidden file. This simple extension downloads anything from YouTube, to Bebo, Google Video, DailyMotion and more.

One of the great things about Video DownloadHelper is how many options it has. It’s pretty impressive for a free internet browser add-on, and we’d really suggest checking them all out. From small adjustments Video DownloadHelper’s appearance and including and excluding video types in order to download, to sharing your movies and converting your files, Video clip DownloadHelper is a really slick app. Most people will be happy to use the app’s default settings, but if you want a little more control over your downloads, this is most surely an app you’ll want to check out.

Video DownloadHelper is a video download app for Firefox that just gets stronger along with every new version.

Download Video DownloadHelper 4. 9. 22 in Softonic

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