Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection 1 . 1 . 2 . 9-Check how your website appears in different Firefox versions

Testing a website in different internet browser versions is a must for all web-site designers and developers. This is where Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection comes in handy.

Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection is a pack that includes several versions of the Mozilla Firefox browser, ranging from version 2 . 0 up to the latest one, version 3. 6. It also includes a bunch of developer-oriented add-ons plus plug-ins, such as Firebug and Internet Developer. Even so, I still skipped having version 1 . 5!

Thanks to this varied tools in Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection, webmasters and developers can easily examine the result of their work in different versions of Firefox and make the necessary changes to their design or program code.

Utilu Mozilla Opera Collection is very easy to install. You can choose exactly the Firefox versions you’re interested in, and then launch the same site in all of these at the same time.

Along with Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection you can check how your website looks in different versions of Firefox. Perfect for webmasters, designers and web designers!

Download Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection 1 . 1 . 2 . 9 within Softonic

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