General SQL Editor 1 . 7. 1 ) 2-Universal SQL Editor

Universal SQL Editor is a coding editor that allows you to work on your SQL code, either locally or by connecting straight to your online database.

With Universal SQL Editor you can connect to Oracle, DB2, SQL server, Sybase and other ODCB compliant databases and work on your SQL files right there.

The program features all sorts of tools to help you with your code, such as order completion, syntax highlighting and automatic SQL formatting. Plus, it’s quite fast and very light on program resources.

Universal SQL Editor also includes an efficient problem tool with support for organizations and filters.

Results of your own database queries can be conveniently ended up saving as Excel spreadsheets or like a set of SQL statements.

While Universal SQL Editor is definitely clearly aimed at coders and requires a certain degree of expertise, it has to be said that the program is also very well noted.

Download Universal SQL Editor one 7. 1 . 2 in Softonic

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