Transfer 4. 4. 8-Elegant and useful FTP client for Macs

Transmit is a highly flexible plus intuitive FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client that’s been designed specifically with Macs in mind.

Transmit is an efficient and elegant FTP customer that supports, SFTP, S3 (Amazon. com file hosting) and iDisk/WebDAV protocols that allows you to upload, download, plus delete files over the internet.

Exactly what first strikes you with Transfer is that it has one of the most Mac-like interfaces available on an FTP client therefore it looks great. Everything is clearly laid out with folders on the remaining and transfers on the right.

Transferring any sort of file is fast and streamlined and you can easily edit anything you wish to send. Transfer lets you create pull and droplets designed for items you work with most often and you could move files easily between files or view into multiple tabs .

Transfer can also s ync with. Mac and integrates perfectly with Spotlight but even more importantly, it integrates with Locater.

This means that you can mount an FTP volume on the desktop just as you will any external drive.
The only drawback I found was that Transfer froze on a few occasions when I tried to access the preferences although this wasn’t a recurring a problem.

Highly versatile and loaded with features, all inside a clear and simple interface, Transfer is an excellent FTP client designed especially for Macs.

Download Transfer 4. 4. 8 in Softonic

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