Trainz: A New Era-Pull on your anorak and lets hit the tracks

Trainz: A brand new Era offers nearly everything a rail fan could want : from the ability to create your own railway to controlling the trains. With convincing real world physics, weather effects, and the ability to drive modern and historical trains through all over the world, this is the closest most fanatic get to their dream of driving a 662, 000 lb locomotive.

The only issue? If you want all of the DLC it might be cheaper to buy your own railroad .

Back on track

The most recent release associated with Trainz: A New Era has just undergone a huge overhaul , making it look and feel better than ever as you control locomotives of all types and eras from all over the world. Perfect for trainspotters of all varieties.

If you are not in the know, you may think that managing your train will be simple. In fact – once you have set your track – you can only go backwards and forwards. Yet there is far more to it than that.

Along with controlling velocity to account of bends — and making sure you arrive promptly – you also have to be aware of every other element of the track. This include making sure the points have been switched to the section of track you want to travel along and adjusting for every inch of incline as you crawl upwards – being sure you are aware of the additional drag each carriage adds.

An electronic train set

You don’t only worry about this when controlling the train, you must also keep it in mind if you choose to construct your own routes .

Fortunately the digital guide that comes with Trainz: A New Era ought to prepare you, just read through its 250 pages and you should be ready to cope with every weather plus real-time physics effect it can throw at you…

The only downside is the DLC. Sure, there is a lot for free from the games “download station”, but the 26 pieces of paid extra content add up to the hefty price tag if you want to purchase all of them.

I choo choo choose you

Unlike simulator games such as American Truck Sim or Farming Simulator 15 , Trainz: A New Era is unlikely to collect an audience outside of train followers. But for this audience, it is perfect and really should offer everything they want until the next Trainz release… providing they can pay for all the DLC they want.

Download Trainz: A brand new Era in Softonic

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