Tormentum – Dark Sorrow-Prepare to point-and-click on the new face of anxiety

Having a grim, dark, illustrative style , Tormentum – Darkish Sorrow sets an immediate tone using its foreboding presentation. But this point-and-click adventure is about far more than just style, along with interesting quest lines that find a way to be involving and intriguing with no ever falling back on an obtuse internal logic that often dogs this genre.

A part story

I have to confess, as a huge fan of Dark Souls, I found it hard not to look upon Tormentum – Dark Sorrow as a side story within the same universe. The evaluations will be more than apparent to followers, with both character art and shade proving strikingly familiar – even though with gameplay focused on puzzle solving rather than combating and death . This additional an extra layer to the game, immediately pulling me into a world I am aware and enjoy.

Similarities never end with the aesthetics. Like the well-known action game, the lead character has been branded and taken to a considerably flung land against his understanding and will. Placed in a dungeon cellular, he must formulate his escape – the only difference being the leading man of Tormentum must rely on wit and guile rather than brute force.

A dark labyrinth

All of the puzzles your unwilling leading man encounters can be resolved by items found in the world , and the odd bit of deductive problem solving . This really is all executed with an intuitive point-and-click interface, with anything you can interact with conveniently marked with glowing markers. Initially, all the puzzles prove quite straightforward – such as using a ripped bit of metal to undo the locking mechanism to your cell – however they quickly get trickier.

I actually got suck for a short time fairly early on (which you can see in the video gallery). Looking at a section of cogs, I made the wrong assumption that I should be looking for another cog to fill the gap – not noticing the game’s hints that I should look for a stand within (not a replacement) part. A few deductive reasoning later (not learning from mistakes, I am quite proud of myself designed for that), I worked out that I needed to use a leather belt to make the connection.

Moving through the game, the hand attracted art of each environment introduces appealing new areas of the dark entire world . Each of these also builds within complexity, creating a world with questions that layer back on them selves, and that reflect the decisions a person made to reach your current situation – yes, maybe you should have killed that will guy and not freed him through his cell.


Despite being dismal and oppressive, Tormentum – Dark Sorrow manages to be a relaxing point-and-click adventure . With logic puzzles that make sense (I can’t stress enough how often that isn’t the case for the genre), with a entire world and story that keeps the momentum going throughout, I performed the whole game with an unexpected – perhaps out of place – smile on my face.

Download Tormentum – Darkish Sorrow in Softonic

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