Ti (symbol) Souls-A single shot at elegance

Consuming control of a single archer, with a individual arrow, Titan Souls invites you to battle your way through is 2D pixel art world of bosses. Demanding split-second timing, impeccable aim, and lightning fast responses , you can expect to die regularly in this entertainingly punishing game.

David vs . Goliath, Goliath, Goliath, and Goliath

It takes mere occasions before Titan Souls is placing you firmly in your place while you face one of its hulking bosses. Each one of these dwarfs your tiny character and is easily able to you do not in a single punch, blast, or squish . Make no mistake, you might be nothing to these brutes.

Do not be downhearted though, as they are usually equally prone to your attacks with a single blow able to end their own reign of terror – but only if you hit them within the right place. Thus Titan Souls’ epic fights become a fraught puzzles , as you try to workout where their weakness lies and then find a way to place your single antelope precisely on target. Miss in addition to to retrieve your arrow possibly by walking over it or utilizing your archer’s magical ability to suck it back towards them – leaving you vulnerable for precious seconds.

You could be forgiven for thinking that this all sounds torturous, but it genuinely thanks to the wonderful manager designs and responsive controls . From the very first area this is founded, with bosses that require you to workout ways to melt the ice that will encases them before landing the particular killing blow, or waiting for their own rolling cube-form to face you so that you can plant the arrow in their eyesight.

Hit the indicate

By means of all of this you must be using your rolls, shots, and retrievals perfectly, anticipating enemy movement – and it is mainly thanks to the exactness of the controls that will beating the game feels at all probable. A clear pixelated visual style helps with this too. The clarity this provides makes it easy to see every movement of the action, vital for predicting enemies’ patterns and figuring out what to do.

Things only really fall apart when you miss the mark with a shot, or if can’t workout how to kill a boss. Instantly, this reduces Titan Souls in order to pure frustration as you die again and again in seemingly futile attempts to work out what to do and then execute on it.

For me this happened around the final boss of the first ranges, where I had unknowingly missed the particular mark several times and assumed it must have a different weakness. This was false though, as it was my own inaccuracy that cost me – unfortunately it required ten curse filled attempts to reach at this conclusion.

Remember to breath

Hugely challenging, and at occasions frustrating, you have to have a certain personality to really enjoy Titan Souls’ punishing old style action – and if you do match the mold you run the risk of finding its handful of areas a little too brief . But you can find so few games like this I could certainly forgive its brevity – if only because if the bosses had got much harder I think I would have popped a blood boat.

Download Titan Souls in Softonic

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