Telegram for Desktop 1 . 38-Speedy and secure alternative to WhatsApp

Way before WhatsApp Web came onto the market, Telegram already offered a desktop version of its security-focused messaging application . It may be light on features compared to the likes of Skype , but it’s nevertheless years ahead of WhatsApp , which is still yet to release a desktop client (as its creators like to point out).

Send Telegrams from any gadget

To start using Telegram for Desktop you have to already have signed up for an account on the Android , iOS , or Windows Phone application. Once you’ve verified your details with a mobile app you’re ready to begin chatting.

The application allows you to easily message your cellular contacts, send an unlimited number of audio and video files (in batches if you chose), and also insert emoticons and stickers associated with famous world leaders including Gandhi. Voice and video calling is currently not available.

While your own phone contacts are usually automatically synced to the desktop version , you can also search for additional people via their usernames. Notification settings can also be edited for each individual contact – so you can effectively mute buddies if they’re sending you too a lot of messages!

Prioritizing rate and security

Security has always been Telegram’s major point of differentiation and this is no different with all the desktop version. The messages are usually encrypted in the cloud, but there is absolutely no secret chat (self-destructing, not saved on the company’s servers, and can not be forwarded) option for the desktop version.

With WhatsApp having been acquired by Facebook , there are fears about what will happen to users’ data, which is exactly where Telegram hopes to gain ground with its promise never to sell user data.

Speed can be another major plus point for Telegram . Sending a batch of 10 photos happened immediately, while digital is also very quick to upload and send.

While the desktop version may be lacking features of the mobile sisters (secret chats, voice messaging, and group chats), it’s still a nifty messaging company. Messages sync seamlessly across devices and when you’ve seen a message on one gadget, it’s marked as read on another, meaning you don’t have to deal with multiple notices.

WhatsApp you state?

Telegram is a credible alternative to WhatsApp, especially given that the latter doesn’t yet have a desktop client. With privacy and security being key for modern-day users, Telegram has built a solid place for itself in the market. The desktop client isn’t as fully featured as Viber and Skype, but if it’s speed and protection you’re after, this is the app for you .

Download Telegram for Desktop 1 . 38 in Softonic

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