SyncMate 6. 4-Sync your Mac along with your Android and iOS devices effortlessly

Syncing devices other than Apple products using a Mac can be a problem. SyncMate, however , allows Mac users to synchronize Android devices, other Macs, UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS drives, and online accounts easily.

Two delicious tastes

SyncMate is offered in two editions – Free plus Expert. SyncMate Free lets you sync your contacts and calendar between your Mac and supported devices/accounts. It may do all of this in the background, and allows data to be shared with Google android, iOS, and cloud services.

Expert Edition provides significantly more options , allowing you to synchronize images, videos, music, bookmarks, SMS, calls, reminders, and other useful options between the previously listed compatitible devices. That said, do note that sync options differ between supported devices and accounts, so check out the handy compatibility list that is available on the SyncMate site.

Along with the free history sync option, SyncMate Expert also provides an AutoSync option . This lets you set various parameters for when you automatically sync devices.

Easily organize your self

The particular Expert version also syncs files between your Mac and mounted storage space devices, or other Macs, in real time. So , when you change any information on your Mac or connected gadget, it will be synced immediately .

You can also create, send, delete, search, and export text messages from your Android or iOS device on your desktop.

SyncMate Expert allows you to convert videos in order to AVI, MPG, MP4, WMV, ASF, or 3GP, and audio files to MP3 and WAV prior to syncing them to device. The Sync process can be performed through USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet depending on the synced device.

All together now

All in all, SyncMate is an excellent device to synchronize your Mac along with any Android and iOS gadget , as well as offering multiple other available choices to conveniently organize your data between USB and cloud storage.

Download SyncMate 6. 4 in Softonic

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