SuperCopier 4 1 . 2 . 1 . 0-Copy or move files and folders in Windows much faster

Windows doesn’t certainly stand out for its speed when copying or even moving files. This is why using a system like SuperCopier is such a great idea!

SuperCopier manages transfers associated with large quantities of folders plus files, or huge-sized files inside a much more reliable and efficient way than that standard Windows Explorer. You can run the program from its icon on the system or simply copy plus paste files and folders within the usual way: SuperCopier is embedded in Windows Explorer and will care for the task.

This program not just makes copying and moving documents much faster, but also adds some helpful new options: you can now pause and resume the task at any point, see the transfer speed rate, check the percentage of completion, create lists of data files to be copied or moved and also modify this list while the process is already taking place. Best of all, SuperCopier will not replace the standard copy/paste Windows functionality, so you can try it out without any fears and simply uninstall it in case you’re not pleased with it.

SuperCopier features a complete settings menu that lets you tweak the program’s behavior, as well as personalize some details in the program’s interface– which, to be honest, wouldn’t win any kind of design prize.

SuperCopier enables you to copy and insert files and folders in Windows in a much faster, more reliable and efficient way.

Download SuperCopier 4 1 . second . 1 . 0 in Softonic

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