Extremely Time Force Ultra-Join the Super Time Force as they battle with period

Super Time Force Ultra takes 90’s action movie bravado, adds some classic 2D shooter gameplay, plus blends them directly into an action packed whole . It then sprinkles in a little time manipulation to create something that is a smarter than you would ever expect.

Time cops

Super Time Force Super is stuffed full of 16-bit style, precision platform-shooter gameplay, and action-hero humor. Plus additionally it is hard, old-school hard , along with enemies happily soaking up your bullets while repeatedly killing you having a single shot. Don’t worry though because, with the strength of time manipulation , you and your group of badass heroes can even the particular playing field.

You begin with a squad of three characters, each with their personal abilities : a standard gunner, the particular sniper with ricochet shots, plus a chap with a shield to reflect incoming fire. The goal is certainly then to make it through the level : avoiding incoming fire and getting enemies – within its apparently tight time limit.

Paradoxes make my head hurt

What makes Super Period Force Ultra more than just a clone of games like Contra, is the ability to rewind time so you can utilize other characters or previous lives to assist you move forward. This can have a range of entertaining effects, but most interestingly it means that certain character can die, only for you to definitely rewind time and rescue them by slaying their killer, allowing them to return to the fight.

With more characters being added for your squad as you jump through time, you slowly gain access to a greater range of powers. In later levels these types of open up even more possibilities as you try to solve each action-focused, time-continuum conundrum.

This really relates to a head during boss fights. Here the time mechanics are not simply a handy addition, they are essential. You need to run multiple heroes at these enemy behemoths to try and take them down in less than 60 seconds.

No time to thing

Super Time Force Ultra is a packed with frantic capturing fun , while also demanding fast paced thinking. However , if you ever get frustrated when you don’t feel you have time to plan then it certainly is not for you.

Download Super Time Force Ultra in Softonic

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