Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Windows v6. 0-Recover images and files in a wide selection of formats

The minute you discover that you have accidentally deleted the photos of your brother’s wedding, or reformatted the memory card containing your own cousin’s party is heartbreaking. Whenever that happens, there’s relatively little you can do to save them without resorting to some photo recovery program like Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery.

First, the good news. Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery provides a simple interface regarding rescuing your images. You have three choices – Data Recovery, Resume Recuperation or Create Image. The application recovers your images by scanning your hard disk. If you know a little about where the images might be located, or what type of file they are, you can filter the lookup by hard drive sector or camera/image type. If you know this information, use it : if you don’t, the scan can take a very long time.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery also allows you to conserve the results of the scan for later make use of, or create an image of part of your hard drive. This will be a assist if bits of the drive are corrupt, and may allow you to recover images at a later stage. The program furthermore provides decent offline help, and despite not having many configuration choices, is very easy to use. Now for the bad news: Stellar Phoenix Photo Recuperation doesn’t actually allow you to repair/recover your own files in trial mode.

Although this is disappointing, Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery gives each indication that the full version would perform perfectly. Add this to the fact that the program recovers much more than ‘just’ photos, and it begins to look like a wise decision for a specific task.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recuperation is an efficient program – it could just a shame about the trial restrictions.

Download Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Windows v6. 0 in Softonic

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