South Park: the Stick of Reality 1 . 0-The South Park collection brilliantly adapted to role enjoy on PC

All hail the Stick of Reality , and all hail this video game – the greatest South Park video game ever created! It must be said that competitors wasn' t especially fierce, the cartoon from Trey Parker and Matt Stone hasn' t specifically been inundated with anything other than  mediocre titles. But all of us did  expect this to be  a success from Obsidian Entertainment (the developers behind Fallout New Las vegas and Star Wars: KOTOR II), and we were not disappointed!

Become the new South Park  character 

Developed as an  open world  role playing game, the Stick  of  Truth offers you the chance to involve yourself completely in the small city of South Park, Colorado. A person play the " newbie" (a kid who' s just found its way to town and is affectionately nicknamed " Douchebag" by the main character Cartman), whose appearance and class could be customized  (choose between warrior, mage, thief, and Jew). Your objective, should you choose to accept it, is that you' ll fight tooth and toenail to get the " Stick of Reality, " a legendary artifact where the fate of humanity depends. All this is carried out under the orders of King-mage Cartman and your devoted allies Stan, Kenny, Butters, amongst other characters.

Fans of the series will be immediately familiar with the plot as well as the game world and will cackle with glee  from the first moment. Individuals, be warned: South Park is vulgar, provocative, sometimes insulting, and relies heavily on toilet humor . It' s best to avoid this game when that sort of humor is too a lot for you!

Beyond the storyline, South Park: The Stick of Truth is above all a great function game masterfully developed by Obsidian entertainment. The amusing and absurd dialog are along with the exploration of South Park (harboring many surprises and hidden quests) and a well-developed combat system that will doesn' t hesitate to be revolutionary.

An excellent combat system but managing on PC could be better

Embodying as much as two characters at once from the protagonists of the series, you battle your opponents (elves, tramps, Mongol hordes… ) in turn-based combat sequences reminiscent of Japanese RPGs like Final Fantasy or Pokemon. Stick of Truth, nevertheless , doesn' t stop there – it offers a big difference in its combat program: the more orders you give in one turn to the next, you have to press specific buttons while using  your skills to increase the power (like in the Papers Mario series).

An attack that requires great time can multiply the strength of fighting to create for sometimes intense and thrilling moments. However , it' s a genuine pity that the publisher hasn' t  provided more difficulty modes: even after increasing the difficulty, players familiar with RPGs will not really struggle to overcome however, toughest of enemies.

The shortcomings of the PC version of Stick associated with Truth are more disturbing. From the first moment, it' s clear that will South Park was primarily developed for game consoles, and offers unsatisfactory controls for PERSONAL COMPUTER . We tended to get the two action buttons (one for using  your weapon, the other to act on the environment) confused quickly, and we spent  our time squeezing  one or the other at random.

The menus and inventory are usually impractical, and we highly recommend you  play with a control for maximum convenience. Note however that the developers do have the good idea to incorporate a fart button, which allows you to happily split wind at any time you like, resulting in some  surprising and often hilarious results!

A fantastic, landmark  achievement 

All those who had a chance to try out South Park: The Stick of Truth quickly came to the same conclusion: the sensation of being in the cartoon is amazing . Graphics replicate the collection with unfailing fidelity: where earlier South Park  games tried within vain  to recreate the world of the series in 3D, Stick associated with Truth manages to completely recreate the paper-based characters and backgrounds from your cartoon. The result is breathtaking, and it also doubles as a peerless  sound creation!

The dubbing is all done by  the actors from the original collection , with numerous lines associated with dialog  that help give the impression of living in a gigantic show from the series. As for the music, this really is remarkably well put together??: it blithely creates a pastiche of themes that lots of geeks will hold dear to their hearts  (from  Skyrim to Pirates of the Caribbean);   it really is a banquet for the ears.

Finally, note that the large game map is faithfully transcribed from the town of South Park (even offering a foray into  Canada! ). All the locations from your series are present, as well as the characters. The attention to detail is pushed, even though (regrettably) the image refresh rate is limited  (capped at 30 fps in order to adapt to the television screens associated with game consoles) and the invisible walls that dot the town of South Park do  force  you to get certain pre-determined paths. An unfortunate detail for an " open world"   game, which (apart from this)  offers a great feeling of independence.

Excellent RPG or ultimate South Park game?

The attraction of this South Park depends, in part, on your viewpoint of the series. If you can' to stand the  orgy of vulgar, provocative gags, then it' s most advisable that you leave this particular game on the shelf. If the collection leaves you indifferent but you appreciate a good RPG, Stick of Reality will have enough to charm a person with its many features. And if, lastly, you' re an avid fan of the series, then why  are you still reading this review? Don' t  waste another minute –  click the " download" button and start your experience in this brilliant adaptation of a legendary cartoon.

Download South Park: the Stick of Truth one 0 in Softonic

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