Snowboard Party Lite 1 . 0-Cool Video game for Sports Enthusiasts

Snowboarding enthusiasts who wish to enjoy a little down time when they are certainly not on the slopes should take a look at Snowboard Party. the game boasts special optimised 3D graphics that have been created especially for use on mobile phones to help produce a very realistic snowboarding experience.

Get Ready hitting the Slopes

Unlike many other games of this type getting to grips with the controls whenever playing Snowboard Party is fairly easy. This helps gamers to get into he motion straight away and the game also features colourful and detailed graphics that actually put gamers into the heart from the action. Gamers are given the option to try out alone with their friends or even along with anyone in the world via the regularly up-to-date online leader boards while the game comes packed with cool features like Big Air competitions the choice of fifteen different snowboarders to play as and a huge number of different boards.

Are you a True Snowboarding Fan?

There is plenty to love about this game from the cool graphics and background music to the backdrops and playability. Nevertheless the main thing that let Board Party down slightly are the fact that it can be difficult for players in order to built up enough speed to perform the particular tricks that they want which detracts a little from the overall fun from the game although there is still plenty to relish here.

Download Snowboard Party Lite one 0 in Softonic

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