Wise Defrag 4. 1 . 0. 741-Smart Defrag

Smart Defrag is a tool that allows you to schedule and perform defragmentation operations on your hard disks. This can improve overall performance of drives , allowing files to be accessed more quickly.

The application has four main areas: State, Automatic Defrag, Boot Time Defrag and Report . The first is where you’ll see information on whatever scan is currently running. It is also here that you can choose what type of defrag you want to run – choose between Defrag Just, Defrag and Fast Optimize, or even Defrag and Fully Optimize . You can also pause scans or tell Smart Defrag to shut down the pc when it has finished.

Turning on Automatic Defrag means Wise Defrag will reorganize your drives whenever the system is idle. May neat solution, as doing a full defrag can be a lengthy and resource-heavy process. There’s also a Boot Time Defrag , which allows you to defragment files that are harmful to move while Windows is in use. You can set this to run every single boot-up, or just once every few days.

Smart Defrag’s plan tab allows defrags to be setup regularly, and in Choices there are some very useful configurations. Smart Defrag can be set to defrag only when a computer is plugged in (not running on battery power), and also to pause if CPU usage gets to a predetermined percentage.

Smart Defrag is a smartly designed, effective and flexible application.

Download Smart Defrag 4. 1 . 0. 741 within Softonic

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