SimplePlanes-The dream of all aviation enthusiasts come true

Perhaps you have dreamed of piloting your own plane? Well then we have the game for you: SimplePlanes. Oh, it’s also good for people who just want to have fun .

Build, pilot, enjoy

SimplePlanes can be a two in one for aviation enthusiasts . On the one hand you get to build your own plane, and on the other you get to fly it. Both of these modes offer loads of options plus great gameplay.

As an aeronautical construction game, SimplePlanes offers you hundreds of parts and tools to build your airplane or even other flying machine . The limits are your own creativity due to the fact – unlike games like Kerbal Space Program – this game will not feature ridiculous levels of realism, so you don’t need a degree in skyrocket science to get your machine off the ground.

As a flight simulation game, SimplePlanes leans more towards an arcade experience . Which is not to say that it completely runs from realistic physics, your plane’s overall performance changes depending on its build along with each piece affecting performance.

SimplePlanes has two flying modes: Challenges plus Sandbox. Challenges offers different tasks to achieve: escort firefighters, race, transport goods, etc . In Sandbox the world is opened up at no cost flight.

Too sluggish to build?

If – for some misguided reason – you want to skip the fun of building your plane and get straight into traveling, you can do it with ease. SimplePlanes offers thousands of free aircrafts to downloading from all styles and eras: old bombers from the Second World War, modern practitioners, science fiction vehicles … just click, download, and get flying.

SimplePlanes has a great level of graphic detail , specifically for its aircrafts and parts (the landscape is comparatively bland). Although it is not realistic, it is a visual treat for all aviation enthusiasts.

Best of all, you can appreciate it without sacrificing too many system resources , especially in its PC release.

The sky is the restrict

SimplePlanes is a good aviation simulator. Its stuffed with options , while still being easily accessible to every initial wannabe.

Download SimplePlanes in Softonic

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