Simple Comic 1 . 7b252-Enjoys your comics on your Mac

Simple Comic looks to simplify reading comics on your Mac. We such as the simple interface of the application and exactly how easy it is to navigate between webpages.

Once you’ve opened up the comic you want to read you can have it focused and show two pages at once. Which scrollbar at the bottom of the interface to look for through pages.

It displays thumbnails of pages to avoid you having to go back and forth in your comic.
Simple Comic allows you to create sessions for the different comics that you read and remembers how far you’ve gotten in each of them.

Luckily, the program supports most comic book formats you find on the Internet so you can actually enjoy the most popular comics.
Although the program lacks just a little tutorial to get you started, once you’ve opened up your own comic you’ll see Simple Comic is incredibly straightforward to use.

Down load Simple Comic 1 . 7b252 within Softonic

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