Screencast-O-Matic 2 . 1 . 8-Capture your PC display on video

Video tutorials are here to stay, but creating them isn’t that easy. Fortunately, Screenshot-o-matic simplifies the process by allowing anybody to to record high quality video tutorials .

Lights, camera, action

Screenshot-o-matic captures your PC scree n on video and exports the result directly to YouTube, or saves it to your PC. The producing video quality is more than acceptable and emphasizes the moves plus buttons of your mouse, like professional programs.

An interesting perform that you won’t find on other free apps is the possibility in order to record yourself via webcam at the same time. Such as this, your reactions and explanations will be easier to understand than they would become with just your voice.

Very fast

While other screenshot programs are extremely powerful, they are also very large and slow to use. This doesn’t happen with Screenshot-o-matic. From the moment you open the program, it only takes a few seconds to start recording.

The program is very easy to use. First, choose which area of the screen you want to record, and whether you are going to include your web cam or not. Then, start to film. Finally, you can preview your creation and choose what to do with it.

Ideal for users who aren’t very demanding

All in all, if you don’t expect too much from a system that captures your PC screen upon video, Screenshot-o-matic is an excellent option for you. It doesn’t have a video editing perform or a zoom like other, more complicated programs, but it’s very fast, free of charge and the watermark it adds is barely noticeable.

Download Screencast-O-Matic 2 . 1 . 6 in Softonic

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