SaferVPN-A VPN that allows you to securely see the internet

If you regularly connect to the internet through open Wi-Fi hotspots, or if you would like an extra layer of security to your browsing , then you need a virtual proxy network (VPN). SaferVPN provides you with a service that ensures no one is spying on your browsing habits or collecting personal information while you are online.

Along with its safety features, SaferVPN lets you for connecting from a number of countries – ideal for ex-pats trying to gain access to home services from overseas .

Services for your needs

To start your trail with SaferVPN just click on download to go to their site, register along with your email address, download the app, and install. Once it is running, all of your connectivity passes with the program providing the secure tunnel to the internet.

Hopefully after 24 hours you should understand if SaferVPN is for you and you are able to choose from one of the three monthly price plans . The bottom service allows you to use one gadget or machine at a time to sign in and connect, another allows for 3 simultaneous connections, and the final one is designed for small businesses with up to ten machines able to securely connect.

The service offered by SaferVPN allows you to connect on almost any device – Windows, Mac, iOS, Android – simply by downloading the app plus logging into your account.

Get online with everything

As well as offering a way to protect your privacy, SaferVPN also lets to select where on earth you would like connect from. With this you are able to seem to be browsing from one of the numerous countries offered on SaferVPN’s lengthy list – though, do note, some movie sites do detect if a VPN is being used and won’t allow you to continue while it is active.

The advantage of SaferVPN over some similar services, such as Hola , is that it is a discreet program and not a browser extension . This means that not only does it work for your browser but additionally other apps, like iTunes , that use the internet.

Our test machine did seem to take a small fraction longer to load sites while using SaferVPN, though nothing that impacted our browsing.

Secure and simple

SaferVPN provides a great range of services for every user . It’s simple to set up for users of every skill level, and works well. It is true that occasionally site response times were a fraction slower, but nothing dramatic enough to put us off.

Download SaferVPN in Softonic

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