Firefox 8. 0. 6-Apple’s intuitive and elegant web browser

Safari can be Apple’s iconic super fast and classy web browser for Mac.

Please note that version 7 is currently available for Safari but it can only become obtained by running software revise in OS X 10. nine. 3 This download is for the last directly downloadable version 5. 1 . 7.

Edition 5 sees some exciting opening paragraphs such as a new Audience icon for simpler reading in one page, faster page load times and vastly improved HTML5 support. All of the previous features in Safari, such as tabs on top just for easier page management and Cover Flow to flip through your bookmarked sites iTunes style have been retained too.

If you’re new to Firefox, the first thing you’ll notice is just how clean it feels compared to many other web browsers. There are no annoying toolbars or even plugins installed and the result of this really is that Safari looks trim and loads pages very quickly. The other advantage is that maximum space is provided to the contents of your page rather than chunky browser.

In the previous version of Safari, Apple launched Top Sites which is one of the most impressive aspects of Safari. It shows a breathtaking thumbnail view of your most visited sites in one screen. Just click on the windows you want to visit that site. This certainly looks cool, although its day-to-day usefulness is questionable. This is a good way of tracking which sites you visit most frequently though and you will lock your favorite sites to one individual position so that you’ll always understand where it is when you open Firefox. Sites with a star in the corner denote those with new content.

Meanwhile Include Flow lets you browse through your bookmarks presenting full web page views of the sites as they appeared the last time you browsed all of them. The principle is based on flipping by means of albums in iTunes. Again, this looks cool although usually, I may really care what the site appeared as if the last time I visited this – I just want to get there as soon as possible. What I do like is the History Search – just type the word and Safari throws up every single page it has cached with that word on – very useful when you can’t remember where the hell you saw the name of that person or video game.

Other handy functions in Safari include Tabs on Top which makes it a little easier to access and open your tabs at the very top of Firefox. You can even drag and drop dividers into another Safari window. Rate has always been of the essence in Safari and Apple have stepped up the pace with an enhanced Nitro engine which this claims executes Javascript 25% quicker than the last version. It’s definitely damn quick and I’m enormous impressed at how fast is actually loading my favorite sites such as Youtube . com and the BBC (and Softonic of course! ).

In this latest version of Safari, the most notable feature is the new Audience which allows you to look at all of your content on one page however is no way to change the font. There’s also a new Bing search option for Safari’s search field, in addition to Google and Yahoo! HTML5 support has been enhanced meaning you can now look at HTML5 video in full screen in addition HTML5 Geolocation features are now accessible to Safari users. Navigating in Firefox has also been made much easier due to a more predictive URL bar which actually lookups cached webpages for keywords and archiving of exactly when you viewed certain pages is more precise and refined.

In addition to these types of changes, all the standard features in Safari remain. By clicking on the RSS tag in the URL bar, you can get a view of all the posts inside a feed, which you can present chronologically and obtain a detailed or a title view. There will be inevitably some programs and extensions – such as 1Password – that will don’t work with this new version of Safari but these issues will begin to be ironed out by the designers of respective software.

I love the look and acceleration of Safari but the lack of extensions available compared to Firefox and general instability issues mean that it’s nevertheless going to be a while before Apple can lure me over to their particular browser.

Download Safari 8. 0. 6 in Softonic

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