Proteus-Traverse a strange audiovisual world

Proteus is a game completely about exploration. It takes the free roaming sandbox elements from series such as The Elder Scrolls and Grand Theft Car but removes everything else. Proteus has no objectives, story, or complex gameplay. Instead the experience is about immersing yourself in a unique and strange audiovisual world .

Proteus takes place on a single medium-sized island. The landscape, inhabitants, and season are all randomly generated on each playthrough . Proteus begins with you floating within the ocean with the island just a few back yards away. As you swim to shore each object and terrain a person pass will play a uniquely harmonious sound. The hum of simply leaves falling, muddy trails and icy snow caps will all blend into a symphony the further you explore .

Proteus has a day-night cycle and all four seasons. Regardless of whether you travel quickly or remain idle time will move forward. The time of day and weather in Proteus determine what you can encounter and the musical sounds they play. During the night you may witness a booming lightshow as shooting stars race with the sky, while the blazing summer morning sun blinds you and beats unpleasant tones. Even with in season changes it will generally only take an hour to see almost everything your world can generate.

Proteus’ visuals are old style pixels: the world itself is made as large pixilated blocks plus 2D pixels are used for all selections and text. This is contrasted by the fluid animations that bring a wondrous and eerie feeling when a fast gust of wind blows via trees or a flock of parrots soars passed.

You can find no goals within Proteus . The gameplay originates from finding all of the unique sights within your world. You could discover a small island full of scampering chickens, an amnions graveyard surrounded by imposing statues, or a tornado that warps you through time. At times you could find your self chasing a single frog across the entire island as it jumps higher plus whistles new tunes. It’s unlucky that there is no save feature : when you exit a world it will disappear forever. It will be your decision to visit a new world or stop Proteus after one adventure.

Proteus is a great game for anybody looking to explore without the pressure of difficult gameplay or objectives. \

Download Proteus within Softonic

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