Personal privacy Eraser Free v4. 9. 2-Protecting your privacy

In the digital age, privacy is key but ever tougher to achieve. Privacy Eraser Free seeks to help you achieve this by cleaning not simply your internet history and downloads, but also wiping drives clean and deleting your files beyond recovery.

Clean your computer

When you chose to clean your computer with Privacy Eraser Free, you are able to completely customize the content you want to scan and clean (for example, saved security passwords, autofill form history and cookies). To help you keep your computer clean, additionally, it offers the ability to schedule a scan, as well as automatically clean Windows once you boot your computer.

Addititionally there is the option to change the level of file detection . Not just can you carry out a scan to the normal level, Privary Eraser Free of charge also enables you to zero fill your personal computer (which means overwriting the data therefore no tool can retrieve it – apparently), as well as clean to several US Department of Defense criteria. There is also the Peter Gutmann (a computer scientist who devised developed for securely erasing data upon hard drives) security level, which is the highest of the lot.

Privacy Eraser Free not only tests your browsing history (with support for most major browsers), it also cleans desktop apps, Home windows files, and system options (for example, temporary data files, DNS cache, Start Menu Operate History). There is also a File Shredder choice that promises to erase the particular contents of files and folders so that they can’t be recovered once again, and a Drive Wiper feature that gets rid of any spare and hidden data on your drive. Kind of like a reset option on a mobile phone.

Then there is also the ability to allow, disable and remove add-ons, alter Internet Explorer settings, add different consumer accounts to check, uninstall your applications, change which programs start up when you boot your computer, and restore your personal computer to a certain point before cleaning. It’s quite a huge of useful features !

When cleaning the content, you can chose to clean, restart, or turn off afterwards. All of these options are obviously marked on the homescreen where you will also find the information about when you last scanned and cleaned your computer.

Simple and speedy

Privacy Eraser Free of charge boasts a sleek interface that is both clean and clear with well-organized menus. It makes erasing your internet history and cleaning your computer both quick and easy.

The length of time it takes to carry out a scan will depend on how much you’ve asked this program to check but , when testing, it was very speedy and took just a matter of seconds. Cleaning the information identified by Privacy Eraser Free of charge was equally quick.

Erase your history

While it’s challenging not to leave some kind of digital footprint these days, Privacy Eraser Free’s comprehensive features can help you feel more at ease when browsing the web, as well as increasing the speed of your computer and freeing up space by deleting needless and unwanted content. Feature rich and easy to use , Privacy Eraser Free is a force to be reckoned with in the computer cleaning program arena.

Down load Privacy Eraser Free v4. 9. 2 in Softonic

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