Personal privacy Drive v3. 5-Protected your personal files from prying eyes

Ever wished you could snuffle away certain files, documents, or even pictures on your computer so they were totally hidden? Privacy Drive is a guaranteed effective piece software for carrying out exactly that, allowing you to create virtual disks in which in order to store encrypted data .

Keep private files private

Whether you want to hide private photos, videos, business documents, or delicate files , Privacy Drive lets you tuck them away with minimum fuss.

The software boasts Virtual Disk and “On-the-fly” Disk Encryption Technology . You can create virtual disks that appear in the Windows file explorer like a normal drive, allowing you to drag and drop documents or folders that you want to hide. Once you dismount the virtual disk, Personal privacy Drive will immediately protect your own privacy, applying industry standard AES 128-bit and 256-bit encryption methods to every file within the volume.

One of the great things about protecting data with Privacy Drive is that the encrypted files are effortlessly transferable and transportable . Most of files are stored in a digital disk file (in a format called ‘PDV’). You can then save this disk to an external drive, upload this to cloud storage, burn this to DVD, etc . so you can open it again on another computer making use of Privacy Drive, safe in the information that all the stored files are usually encrypted the whole time.

Other advantages of Privacy Drive are the fact that the encrypted volumes are usually masked, containing simply no signatures that would reveal that they are indeed encrypted .

Another big plus is that Privacy Generate is very fast . I was pleasantly surprised that files could be saved to the virtual disk immediately. The on-the-fly nature of the software program means that the data is only decrypted once it is accessed.

How to use Privacy Drive

Although the Privacy Drive user interface isn’t very modern looking , it serves its purpose well enough. When you launch the application form you’re given the option to create a brand new virtual disk drive, or open an existing one.

Creating a drive is as simple as entering a name and description, defining the volume dimension, then setting a password for it. Advanced options include the ability to change the type of encryption algorithm, and to arranged the drive letter. You can choose to mount the virtual drive as being a hard disk or as a removable disk.

To mount a private drive that you’ve created, you just need to choose it from the favorites panel and hit the Mount button. You will be prompted to enter the security password and once you’ve done that the drive will be visible in the Windows document explorer.

To dismount a drive (i. e. to make it unseen from view in Windows), you simply highlight it in the favorites -panel and hit the Dismount symbol. There’s a Dismount All switch for quickly shutting down many visible drives.

Play it safe

Privacy Drive offers a fast and simple way to keep your personal files safe through prying eyes. It’s well worth installing if you have lots of sensitive information on your personal computer.

Download Privacy Generate v3. 5 in Softonic

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