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For those who have an older machine with an older edition of Microsoft Office, or in case you are using Open Office or Microsoft Works, and lack the latest versions of PowerPoint installed on your machine, a user can still see and open PowerPoint presentations by utilizing PowerPoint Viewer the year 2010. PowerPoint Viewer is a free application which is downloadable from Microsoft. com.

An easy and free method to view PowerPoint slides

Users can view , print and open presentations using this app, but it is definitely “read only” and not possible to edit . However , PowerPoint Viewer 2010 allows transitions, slides and videos to behave in an identical manner to the most recent iteration of PowerPoint . PowerPoint Viewer 2010 will work on Windows Operating systems as far back as Windows XP Service Pack 3. It also works on Vista’s Service Packs number 1, 2, 3, Windows 7 as well as the more recent Windows 8. 1 plus Windows 10. Its memory requirements are relatively moderate, requiring at least 256 MB of RAM, plus 270 Megabytes of hard drive storage . For the screen, it takes a resolution of 1024 x 788 to function at optimum ranges. The hardware graphic acceleration needs a 9. 0c DirectX graphics cards, with an excess of 64 MB video clip memory. The user’s system settings is the determining factor for a customer’s graphics and product functionality. Customers should note however , that several Microsoft PowerPoint features will not be watchable by this viewer, specifically presentations regarding Information Rights Management (IRM) and macro running and links to external sites or embedded and linked objects.

Installing the viewer

PowerPoint Viewer 2010 is extremely easy to download , one simply clicks the download button on the Microsoft page and saves the file to the hard disk. The setup system can be activated by double clicking on the PowerPointViewer. exe to start this program of setup. Once the download is installed, one must access the “Start” menu under “All Programs”, and then open Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer. PowerPoint Viewer will only register using the. ppt,. pptm,. pot,. pptx,. ppsx,. pps, and. ppsm extensions if there is not already a version of PowerPoint installed on the computer. The program will launch if these file types are usually double clicked on a registered machine.

In a nutshell

If you have ever received a message attachment from a work or college colleague containing a PowerPoint display in a more recent format than your Microsoft Office package can support, then this PowerPoint Viewer is the ideal way to your needs. It will save the need to spend on the latest version associated with Office simply to open attachments . If it’s urgent that you wish to open the PowerPoint to edit it, this can be done on an open source version of PowerPoint, without lack of resolution or quality. Its reliability plus user friendly nature make PowerPoint Viewer a perfect download.

Download PowerPoint Viewer 2010 one 0 in Softonic

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