Peak Studio 18. 5-Easy home video clip creation

Pinnacle Studio HD is a massive video clip editor that includes all of the tools and features you need to develop your own movies.

As soon as you view the example project provided just for users of Pinnacle Studio HIGH DEFINITION, it’s clear that the program can be made to create really impressive video projects , either for professional-looking creations or more homey endeavors, such as family vacation videos.

Pinnacle Studio HD is aware that the program is a little intimidating-looking, so it offers great help in the form of an introductory video clip, help files and online tutorials. Even so, once you start to use the editor, you’ll see that it is actually very easy to use: Pinnacle Studio automatically divides your own media into chapters and, crucially, supports drag and drop of all items, so assembling a video didn’t want to be easier.

To utilize Pinnacle Studio HD you simply drag your media to the timeline in the purchase you want, and then click on the vertical symbols on the left to add sound, textual content, effects, transitions and more. Once applied, the various elements will be clearly noticeable on the timeline, which means that editing the video at a later stage is equally simple. Pinnacle Studio HD furthermore includes a preview windowpane so you can view your own creation throughout the process.

Obviously, there’s no point creating a attractive video if you can’t share it. For this reason Pinnacle Studio HD comes with a Create Movie option where you can export the video in several ways, including disc, a number of file formats or even directly to the internet. Pinnacle Studio wasn’t a particularly easy program to install and it is very resource-heavy, but even still it is a ideal balance between ease-of-use and efficiency, and is a great option for beginner in order to intermediate video creation.

Pinnacle Studio HD is definitely an incredibly comfortable and easy way of creating house videos.

Download Pinnacle Studio 18. 5 in Softonic

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