Picasa Web Albums Uploader 1 . one 0. 71-Use your Mac to upload photos

This program can no longer be down loaded. Take a look at Google Photos instead.

Google still hasn’t launched a version of Picasa for Mac. If you upload your photos in order to Google’s Picasa Web Albums although, you’ll need to have this uploader set up in your Mac.

The Picasa Web Albums Uploader looks just like the Flickr Uploadr: you drag and drop photos on the remaining side of the window, then choose an album, enter a caption and press upload.

The particular upload limit is around 1GB, which is the cap set on your Picasa Web Albums account, quite adequate for most people.
The particular Uploader can also be used to upload photos from iPhoto straight to your Picasa Web Albums account.

Decades obvious how to perform this, and you should have to click File> Export then select the Picasa tab from the appear menu to upload your photos.

Once again, in case you have a Picasa Web Albums account, then this application is pretty much indispensable. It’s basic but will certainly upload your photos quickly.

Download Picasa Web Cds Uploader 1 . 1 . 0. 71 in Softonic

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