Picasa 3. 9. 139. 161-Manage, modify and share your photos with ease

Picasa is software developed by Google  to manage digital images. A real benchmark  in its field , it includes all the tools you need to manage your photo collections: the ability to transfer photos to your PC, as well as to arrange, edit  and share them  with family members on Google platforms like Picasa Web  or  Google+.

Everything you need to manage your  photos

Picasa is an  indispensable piece of software  for photography supporters, and functions in a number of different ways – as a  cataloguer and viewer , as an  publisher and as a  sharing software .

With Picasa, you can  transfer any photos and pictures that are kept on your PC. Picasa lets  you select the drive and folders to check out and gives you the option of  synchronizing  automatically each time you open up  the software. You will no longer have to manually transfer new pictures.

Once your photos have been added to  Picasa, they are organized into albums that will appear in folders with the same brands from which they were taken. Then, a person can  reorganize and move photos from one location to another by simply pulling and dropping. Picasa also enables you to add  tags to your pictures so that you can sort them easily, including  adding  the location where the photos were  taken, or the individuals in the photo, so that you can easily  see them.

Picasa isn' t  specialist editing  software, but it does provide an interesting array of features that you can use to  perform fundamental edits, either   image by image, side by side or in batches, including  cropping, straightening, adjusting color and contrast, enhancing  sharpness, red eyes correction, and applying filters.

Other features are built in to Picasa so that you can use your photos to  create posters, montages, screensavers and even movies . It can all of be viewed through the external Picasa  viewer and can be shared with others  in multiple  ways, including in  the Picasa  web platform, your Google+ account, Blogger, and e-mail.  

Finally,   Picasa also includes some  very helpful options to identify duplicate  and empty albums , geo-tag photos, save, and  shrink your photos.

Accessible software

Picasa is software that is both comprehensive and obtainable . It doesn' t offer many  advanced settings, but the modifying tool is perhaps the best example of its ease of use.   Its graphical user interface is intuitive and gives immediate access to all the options in the program. Much less experienced users will benefit from the  comprehensive help   that' s built into the  software  so that they can  better understand its features and how to use them.

The all-in-one that has it all

Being able to handle the processing of the photos from the point of transfer to sharing with others , Picasa is  ideal for organizing  your photo albums, doing the first retouches of your  photos, and sharing  them with your loved ones. Picasa is easy to access, and amateur photographers will really value what it can offer, especially if they already use other Google services.

New features

  • Share with your Google+ circles
  • Upload  Picasa tags on Google+
  • New photo editing effects
  • Side-by-side editing of photos
  • Download Picasa 3. 9. 139. 161 in Softonic

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