PeaZip 6. 2 . 0-Compress and decompress files quickly and easily

PeaZip is a file compression and decompression tool that helps to reduce the size of large data files.

Using the program is a pleasant experience – at the most simple level, add the files you wish to compress/decompress using the file explorer to the right and chose the action you desire from the main toolbar or by right clicking. The PeaZip user interface is fresh and easy-to-use using a few built-in themes to spice things up.

Right-clicking on the file or folder and choosing Add to archive or Browse path with PeaZip will also provide direct access to the program’s factions. The compression/decompression process is very quick and smooth, and you will find impressive advanced options for users who wish to get a little more technical.

Among the best of these advanced PeaZip features are the encryption/password options, compression factors, and the File equipment , which allow you to split files, join them and even view the checksum files. PeaZip really impressed us – it’s a top-class program that will performs at a really high level, and it is a worthy rival to apps such as WinZip or 7Zip.

PeaZip is a fantastic program for all your compressing/decompressing needs.

Download PeaZip 6. second . 0 in Softonic

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