PCKeeper Live 2 . 2 . 1638-A finish pack of PC maintenance plus optimization tools

PCKeeper is really a digital Swiss Army knife for your computer; a complete bundle of tools to keep your computer safe and operating at full performance.

The interface in PCKeeper is clean and and easy to use. Each aspect in the program has a nicely designed symbol. Tools are divided into Utilities and Services , and there’s also a Favorites section where one can store the tools you use most frequently. PCKeeper also includes an antivirus , though it’s immediately disabled if you already have one.

Among the utilities included in PCKeeper, you’ll find a disk checker and defragmenter, a file shredder, an app uninstaller, a file cleaner, a duplicates finder and a start-up manager. The Services tab, on the other side, includes Anti-Theft , a tool to locate lost or stolen computers; ZeoDisk , a 3GB totally free online file storage service; and Geek on Need , a computer support service.

On the downside, both the very first and the last of these PCKeeper solutions require you to create a user account for the ZeoBIT website, and the online storage space is not available yet. Also, the program doesn’t include any documentation.

Despite minor difficulties, PCKeeper is still a great tool to get computer optimization and maintenance.

Download PCKeeper Live 2 . 2 . 1638 within Softonic

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