Security password Depot 10-A safe manager for all your passwords

Creating new passwords every time I register for a online service is getting harder and harder. But before starting to use the same term everywhere and thus compromising my protection, I’d rather use a password supervisor.

If you’re in the same situation, Acebit Password Depot is probably your best choice. This comprehensive manager can handle all the usernames and security passwords for all kinds of services, from on-line banking to FTP servers, which includes forums, blogs, email addresses and just regarding any other place where you’re asked for a password.

All of your passwords are stored in a single database that can be saved in various locations (local drive, USB device, Internet server) and protected with a master password, a key file or both. You can organize your passwords in different classes and also assign an expiry date to them so that you’re forced to change all of them on a regular basis.

In case you be depleted of ideas when coming up with brand new passwords, the program includes a password generator but I didn’t find it that useful: it grabs characters from the Matrix-like code stream and doesn’t really produce usable passwords.

Acebit Password Depot nevertheless keeps an ace up the sleeve though: its seamless integration with your web browser, which enables you to handle passwords comfortably while you’re browsing the Internet without having to change from one application to a different.

Acebit Security password Depot is as near to perfection every password manager would like to reach: easy enough for the beginner and filled with handy tools for expert users

Download Security password Depot 10 in Softonic

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