Documents, Please-Who said being an immigration officer wasn’t fun?

Papers, Please is an unusual game where you play an immigration inspector. Your job is to make sure everyone passing through the border has their particular papers in order, and follow an ever changing set of immigration laws and regulations.

Entrance denied

In Documents, Please, you play a resident of a Soviet-style republic who has been told to work as an immigration inspector. You don’t earn much, and are reprimanded financially for making mistakes. As each individual comes through immigration control, you have to make sure everything is correct. This particular gets increasingly complicated as the online game progresses, so it can be easy to miss something, which earns you a charges.

You have to make sure you can feed your family and keep them healthful, so making mistakes can have poor effects on them. It’s difficult to take care of on your basic salary, so mistakes can lead to you having to choose which usually family member you want to keep alive. Pretty depressing stuff.

Depressing drab retro

Papers, Please includes a well designed interface and good handles that you will pick up easily as the online game progresses. Graphically, it’s got a pixelated, 8-bit look to it, which suits the drab 80s Soviet really feel of the game. But Papers, Make sure you is not a game where graphics or even sound are the main attraction. From the game that will make you think, and that causes you to look at what kind of person it would be easiest when forced to choose between deserving migrants and looking after your family.

Are you a bad person

Papers, Please is not a fun game, in the traditional sense. But it is compelling, very well developed and written. As proof that videogames are not dumb, and can end up being ‘art’, it’s excellent.

Download Papers, Make sure you in Softonic

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