Webpages 5. 6. 1-Apple’s answer to MICROSOFT Word

There are few examples of Apple software that are inferior to Microsof company products but it has to be said, Microsoft Word still has the edge on Pages . Nevertheless , with the release of Mavericks, Apple has brought it even closer to Phrase with a slick new interface, many new templates and more powerful editing tools.

Excellent graphic design features

Webpages is a fantastic word processing application that may be slowly winning hearts. Although it can take some getting used to if you’ve used Word all your life, once you obtain the grip of it it is easy to use, fairly inexpensive (it can now be purchased individually or comes as part of the iWork suite) and as expected from an Apple product, the graphic design features are usually second to none.

Lacks a few essential features

Unfortunately, Pages still lacks basics such as a grammar checker although the the fact is that the grammar checker in Word is rarely useful anyway only offering subtle changes that shouldn’t really make much difference to the meaning of a phrase or phrase. Where it certainly excels over Word is for graphics – a lot of users prefer it for creating posters, adding tables and just about anything where graphics are concerned.

Not quite Word but obtaining there

It may not quite be up to MS Word but Pages is slowly getting there and future releases will surely see it address the few issues that remain to make it a truly great term processor.

Download Pages 5. 6. 1 in Softonic

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