Oxenfree-Live the teen-horror

Mixing teenager drama, ghosts, and time-travel , Oxenfree makes for a beautiful – in case at times chilling – adventure. The beautiful 2D art creates a storybook world for a tale that has you questioning what is right, what you want, and exactly what is real.


Similar to teen horror movie, Oxenfree starts with a group youngsters voluntarily stranding themselves overnight with an island . It’s an odd thing to do at the best of times, however it seems even stranger here because the relationship between the five is at best… strained.

You enjoy as Alex, a girl who lately lost her sibling to drowning . With you about this trip, you have your new step brother, Jonas; your neurotic stoner closest friend, Ren; your brothers ex, Clarissa; and her best friend, Nona… which Ren fancies. Perfect.

Soon after beginning you find yourself on a seaside. The dynamics are like a powder keg – and with Clarissa throwing lit matches where ever she can, the situation soon blows up.

These opening moments set the scene and establish the characteristics between the characters. You use the intuitive settings to pick between responses to questions and join in with conversations. This method drives many of your discoveries : both of the people and the globe – and also impacts the way the story plays out.


Searching for a way to escape from Clarissa, you and Jonas break off from the group to explore a cave, which is where items start to get… freaky. In the caves you find an odd disturbance that you could tune into with your radio . Cryptic messages start to pour through and within occasions everything goes wrong.

From here you are plunged into a cryptic horror story, filled with time loops that have you reliving events – albethey slightly modified . These changes begin unnervingly, but quickly become devastating. You frequently witness your friends die, only to come back again in seconds possessed and with excellent eyes.

It is chilling, which is impressive considering the comic 2D look. The creepy voices of the voices on the radio send shivers down your spine as they cycle through stations in order to communicate . This while watching the gang of teens seemingly perish over and over becomes affecting.

This is all, in no small part, down to the voice performing. While their tiny forms find a way to inject personality with their animation, this is nothing compared to how much emotion their own voices convey. Joy, horror, and relief are all believable – as is the particular panic as they see friends drop from windows.

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Oxenfree offers more moment-to-moment control than many interactive narratives. But , while you control all of the action from its stunning 2D viewpoint, the focus here is a slow exploration – both of the environment and the interaction between characters. Everything here hinges on narrative, and Oxenfree does not disappoint .

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