Operation7 (Europe) 1 . 5. 0. 5-Online first person shooter for the serious gamer

Operation7 is an exclusively online multi-player first person shooter (FPS). It needs a download , which will allow you to sign up for game rooms and play a variety of team game modes and circles.

Keep your head down

Unlike Quake Live, for example , Operation7 is not an upfront shooter with a enjoyable emphasis, but rather a serious game using a focus on realism and “one photo kills”, which favor the pro-sniper style gamer. In this sense, may purification of a certain style of gameplay individuals either love or hate.

Strategic shooting

The one-shot-kill element might put some players away, but it makes Operation7 a much more technical game than many. It’s essential to try to coordinate gameplay – utilizing your radar – with teammates to get the opposing sides. New gamers, and especially rookie FPS players, can get a steep studying curve and lots of shock deaths when they start out with Operation7.

Big bangs

Graphically, Operation7 is acceptable, with some nice variations, but it won’t amaze. The sound can be impressive, with effects like deafness after nearby explosions, as well as pleasingly noisy guns. The initial Operation7 set up and registration process is fairly extended, and to use the homepage you’ll need a Opera plugin. Some of the voice-overs are a little as well macho.

For veterans

Ideal for skilled gamers, Operation 7 is an effective and realistic online encounter.

Download Operation7 (Europe) 1 . five. 0. 5 in Softonic

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