Ie 30. 0. 1835. 52-A totally free, comprehensive and innovative browser

Ie is a free web browser that’s fast, rich in features plus innovative. Far behind Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer when it comes to numbers of users, Opera is, nevertheless , the equal of its competitors while offering you a browser that’s always in the forefront of technology.

Everything to let you surf very easily

The Opera web browser offers all the features you need to happily surf the web. Speed Dial plus Bookmarks pages are available when you launch the browser and offer you easy access towards the sites you use the most and those might added to your favorites. At start-up, Opera also offers a Discover page so that you can always keep an eye on the news. It displays the news by topic and you can select the country and the language.

Extensions can be easily downloaded from the store. You might be even able to install Google Chrome plug-ins from the Chrome Store. Opera includes a special type of add-ons that open up in the sidebar. Currently there are very few but are ideal to display contextual information about the page you’re observing.

Opera includes a download manager , history and also a private browsing mode so you can navigate with no leaving a trace. It also allows you to install extensions to customize your browsing experience. While the catalog is much smaller sized than that provided by competing browsers, you will find versions of Adblock Plus , Feedly , Pinterest , Evernote Obviously etc . for Ie.

The Opera address bar is powerful and allows you to perform searches on multiple search engines at the same time, while benefiting from the recommendations for websites that gradually appear when you type.

Exceptional design and performance

Opera’s design means you get a model of simplicity and functionality. Keyboard shortcuts are very similar to those used by other browsers so you can navigate quite conveniently with Opera. The options are where you would expect them to be, and the Speed Dial and Laptop pages are well thought out – in most cases, the interface is very pleasant to utilize. Opera is customizable with styles so you can add your own personal touch.

Opera handles the latest internet standards to perfection by using the Blink rendering engine. Besides good performance, Opera offers a functionality dedicated to slower Internet connections. Opera Turbocharged compresses pages to supply quick navigation, even when your link is barely there.

A browser that’s attaining momentum

Opera has all the great characteristics you need. It’s comprehensive, with a fine interface and regularly innovates to provide you the best possible experience. If you want to shift away from Chrome, Firefox or Ie, then Opera is definitely the way to go.

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