O&O DiskImage O&O DiskImage 11-Make plus restore rescue copies of your hard disk drive

O&O DiskImage is a expert tool that helps you back up delicate data by creating an image of your hard drive.

Making security backups of your computer is a somewhat complex process, which is precisely why many individuals fail to do it properly. O&O DiskImage will take a virtual snapshot of your system and all the information on it. You may then use this snapshot to restore your data in case disaster ever strikes. Obviously, it’s a good idea to store this file individually from your computer!

Hard drive imaging isn’t complicated, but appears a little intimidating. O&O DiskImage the actual task as easy as possible by providing a start page that lists the basic jobs you might want to carry out, ample help files, and an info panel, with fundamental information on the task in hand. Even nevertheless, you’ll probably have to refer to the help data files the first few times you use the program.

Happily, O&O DiskImage provides improved several of the features that will weren’t up to scratch the last period, most notably the encryption options for your image files. It is now possible to pick between three different modes, so that you can relax in the knowledge that your information is safe.

O&O DiskImage allows you to carry out three basic duties – imaging, incremental imaging and cloning. The differences between these options are well explained in the O&O DiskImage help files. When imaging, there are three modes – used industry, forensic and direct forensic – while the program will alert a person if you haven’t chosen the right setting for the job. Finally, O&O DiskImage allows you to burn the resulting. GEEZ files to disc so they are easily accessible to restore your system ¡f devastation strikes.

You intimidated – O&O DiskImage is definitely an imaging program worth getting to holds with.

Download O&O DiskImage O&O DiskImage eleven in Softonic

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