O&O DiskImage 11-Make and restore rescue copies of your hard drive

O&O DiskImage is a professional tool that helps you back up sensitive data by creating an image of your hard drive.

Making security backups of the computer is a slightly complex procedure, which is precisely why lots of people fail to get it done properly. O&O DiskImage will take a virtual snapshot of your system and all the information on it. You can then use this overview to restore your data in case disaster ever strikes. Obviously, it’s a good idea to store this file separately from your computer!

Disk imaging is not complicated, but looks a little intimidating. O&O DiskImage makes the task relatively easy by providing a start page that will lists the basic tasks you might want to accomplish, ample help files, and an info panel, with basic information on the task in hand. Even still, you’ll probably need to refer to the help files the first few situations you use the program.

Gladly, O&O DiskImage has improved a number of the features that weren’t as much as scratch the last time, most notably the encryption options for your image files. It is now possible to choose between three different modes, so you can relax in the knowledge that your data is safe.

O&O DiskImage allows you to carry out three basic tasks – image resolution, incremental imaging and cloning. The differences between these options are well explained in the O&O DiskImage help files. When imaging, there are three modes – used sector, forensic and direct forensic – while the system will alert you if you don’t have chosen the right mode for the work. Finally, O&O DiskImage allows you to burn off the resulting. OMG files in order to disc so they are easily accessible to bring back your system ¡f disaster strikes.

Don’t be intimidated – O&O DiskImage is an imaging plan worth getting to grips with.

Download O&O DiskImage 11 in Softonic

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