Norton Security Deluxe 22. 8. 0. 50-An online security protection package from Symantec

Norton Security is a reliable security suite for your PC, with a powerful engine , firewall, an Identity Safe feature, and usability of the top level. This release does not revolutionize the product, but it does optimize various features.

Advanced defence tools

Norton Security provides comprehensive, real-time defense against viruses, worms, trojans, spy ware and rootkits, acting as a filtration system for email, instant messaging programs and internet browsing.

Norton is also able to analyze your Facebook wall , which is increasingly becoming a tool for spreading malware.

Thanks to SONAR technology, the proactive defense module may identify more precisely any unfamiliar threats. Norton Security can also prevent websites and malicious downloads, and includes options to configure Silent Mode .

The virus also integrates Norton Power Eraser, an advanced tool to make use of when the engine fails, with its traditional scan which can delete malware which has allegedly attacked the system.

Norton Security includes an evolution of the Insight module , which evaluates files and running processes , classifies those which are reliable, and excludes them from being scanned, thus optimizing the resources available to your system.

Unlike Norton Antivirus, Internet Security offers a couple of more features, starting with a two-way firewall that can filter incoming and outgoing connections. The firewall includes a fair degree of configurability and is organized in such a way as to be usable actually by less experienced users. It also has parental regulates (via Norton Family) to protect your children online.

Norton Security also pays specific attention to others dangers on the system, and that’s why it offers a module, Identity Safe , to safeguard your personal information, passwords, and credit card details against any online ripoffs.

In addition , the collection includes a startup manager , which is useful for speeding up new venture on your computer.

Modern, elegant design

Usability is one of the strengths of Norton Security. The start screen shows an understanding of the security status of the system , as well as fast access to the main features of the program, inlcuding Scanning , Live Update , and Advanced Settings .

A safe choice for protecting your PC

Norton Security has a checking engine that’s reliable, powerful, and it has moderate consumption of content resources.

It offers many advanced features to get experienced users, but at the same time, can be capable of being used by more beginner users thanks to its excellent basic configuration.

Norton Protection is first-level suite for keeping your PC safe .

Download Norton Security Deluxe 22. 6. 0. 50 in Softonic

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