Nero ahead software 2015 16. 0. 040009. 9-The ultimate PC multimedia suite

Nero ahead software 2015 offers you everything you need to burn CDs, DVDs plus Blu-rays, as well as an impressive number of media utilities.

A true multimedia center

Nero 2015 supports burning audio, video plus data to CD, DVD or even Blu-ray Disc. The  module  Nero ahead software Burning ROM  manages this process. Every operation is intuitive and takes place quickly and reliably.

Nero (formerly known as Nero Media Suite) satisfies your needs when it comes to  editing videos , sound and photos, with a cutting-edge functionality that performs touch-ups and can burn your project immediately.

Nero ahead software is also a multi-format player: you are able to reproduce photos, audio, video, slide shows, radio and TV shows, as long as you have a card that supports these types of functions.

The package includes Nero BackItUp, which can  backup data files or an entire disc. Nero 2015 also lets you  upload articles like photos and videos  to share with your friends  on  YouTube, Facebook or myspace and My Nero,   and others,   as well as giving you the opportunity to convert files and easily transfer these to your mobile device.

Cutting-edge design

Nero 2014' s design is extremely modern. The interface is split into modules   that are accessible from the primary screen,   a portal  for all of the apps included in the package.

This version, compatible with Windows 8 , improves the usability and functionality of several modules, including the excellent Nero ahead software Burning ROM.

A handyman  package

In the past, Nero 2015 was just software for burning CDs and DVDs, but over time, Nero ahead software has evolved into a complete multimedia suite   that' s both  stable plus high quality, suitable for both an newbie and semi-professional user.

Unfortunately, because  Nero 2015  is so well integrated with the system, the consumption of resources can be high . A  powerful PROCESSOR and lots of RAM, however , should ensure that it runs smoothly.

Latest News

  • Streaming of playlists and presentations
  • Disc-to-device: quick conversions using a single click
  • Set of pre-configured presets for mobile phones (Android, iOS and others)
  • Improved media administration:   easier and faster to edit videos and images

Download Nero 2015 16. 0. 040009. 9 within Softonic

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